Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ketchup vs Brown

This is a regular conundrum for me, do I go red or brown???? Having never really been a fan of the ones we all know, HP and Daddies (such acidity and vinigariness has been known to take the skin off the roof of my mouth!). I would like the sophistication of going with the brown sauce option, I read the ingredients and think yes I should like this. The spicy, savoury flavour make a great ingredient for a marinade, I know this. But I feel ashamed to say I go with the safe choice of Tommy K every time. What is it about this overly sweet condiment we all love. It's thick consistency, the way it holds it's own on any burger/hotdog. I'm talking about the well know brand of course, beginning with "H". None of such other attempts come close in my eyes.

But I wanted to tell you all about the revelation of a brown sauce I've recently discovered. Which for me has the texture, sweetness and colour (slightly reddy-brown) that I prefer. With the added dimension of spiciness. It's truly amazing! Now I don't think I can have a bacon sandwich/roll without it. 
And here it is.....

Tiptree, love their condiments. 

The perfect egg and bacon roll. The egg must be sufficiently runny (but not snotty). 

And then (for scientific purposes) I had to try one with Ketchup

Which do you prefer, Red or Brown? I am interested in sauce rules and etiquette. Brown sauce for sausage or Ketchup for bacon, or vice versa? 

For the Northerners, does anyone know or have any recollection of Chop Sauce??? Just interested.  


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