Friday, 28 February 2014

Thursday mish-mash veg soup

I often like to make soup at least once a week for lunch, especially nice on a cold day. If my "veggie" friend comes over it's a good way of feeding her, as I never know what to give her other than cheese or egg mayo and salad rolls! It's a good way of using up veg in the fridge, a slightly limp stick of celery, a bristly carrot. 

This one I made today was lovely, peppery from the leeks and another layer of "pepperiness" from the watercress thrown in at the end.....and lots of freshly ground cracked black pepper on top. 

This is what I found in my fridge - onion, a leek, stick of celery, new potatoes and a bag of watercress, half a butternut squash

Sweat in butter, a chopped onion, leek, celery, butternut squash, potatoes and a few lentils, a sprinkling of split peas etc (often called soup mix)

Add about a pint and an half of chicken stock and simmer gently for an hour or so, until veggies and pulses have softened. Season generously. 

Blitz together with a hand blender until smooth

Add a big bunch of watercress and blend again. 

Here it is. Wonderful on a chilly day in February.



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