Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Anyone for another pancake?

Out comes the plain flour, pinch of salt, 2-3 eggs (depending on size) and a good glug of milk. It's something I never measure or weigh out, and they always turn out good. Quite reassuring to do stuff by eye! If you've done pancake batter as many times over the years you just know how it looks don't you. 

At least now both my girls can properly get involved, eldest is 5 and middle one is nearly 3 (the youngest doesn't count, she's only 4 months). They do the mix while I get the pan on, in goes a knob of Trex (don't know why I always use Trex, just something my mum uses). Then an under-generous ladleful of yellow batter, we want our pancakes to be lacy crepes, not the fat American ones. The first side after flipping is always an even golden coverage, the underside on the other hand is a speckled with darker patches (why is this?). Out it slides onto the plate, a sprinkling of caster sugar from my kinda antique sugar shaker (we always had one at home when I was younger), fresh lemon juice. I like to loosely roll up and cascade more sugar on top. Eat immediately. 

On to the next. The kids are still on their first, I'm on my third. Now for a syrup one methinks. Some people like to put Nutella in theirs, personally I don't get this. But then I've never "got" the Nutella thing! As I'm broad minded and always open to suggestions, I thought I'd pop a jar of Nutella in my Ocado shop this week (just because it was on offer). No doubt it'll end up at the back of the cupboard. Or if not I could pass it on to Si├ón, I know she would appreciate it! 

Happy Pancake Day everyone. Spring has finally sprung! 


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  1. Mmm, looks delicious. Will be retrying pancake day in our house after a miserable effort with the (time-saving?) premixed variety.