Monday, 19 May 2014

My frugal update and egg and chip news

So, in the hope that I don't jinx it, things have been looking up jobwise for the other half and he has a few second interviews this and next week. I'm still however, on my frugal funtime march against supermarket dominance.  In the last few weeks I have saved £75 on shopping with Aldi. This isn't just because its "value" shopping but also because I have planned like a mo fo and stock taken every food item in the house! Im getting a bit bored of this to be honest - the novelty has worn off somewhat but I do like the challenge of creating meals with what I have already. I'm also pretty proud that I have reigned my spending in. If I have half a head of broccoli I won't buy one that week, if I run out I'll have to use something else in its place. It saves it going to waste in the fridge and I've saved a £ that week.

In other news, Egg and Chips are on Twitter! You can follow us via the blog - look to the right or direct from twitter @Egg_and_Chips. Enjoy and thanks for reading and supporting us.

Siân and Anne

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