Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Hello there! Come on in and get comfy. Want a cup of tea? Maybe a slice of something homemade?
Let us tell you a little story while you are here. We are two thirty-something mums with an obsession: to cook, to create, to dissect, to discuss in great detail, all things edible. What's for tea? Is our daily question. This blog is like a neater, better written, less expletive version of our Whatsapp chats.  
Products, ingredients, recipes, cookbooks, cookery programmes, celebrity chefs are what give us the driving power for this blog. A healthy appetite for all things "food related" is what makes us tick. We test recipes from far and wide, magazines, websites, family classics, cookbooks.  Between us we must own over 200.
As busy mums, we want to know where the best offers are, this will determine what we cook for that week. With online shopping it's now so much easier to budget for the family's weekly meals (Anne's a self confessed Ocado fanatic) and making sure the kids have enough exciting lunch box fayre. Lets face it, we all need a bit of inspiration sometimes, our blog is a vehicle to bounce ideas off of others. How many meals can we get out of one piece of meat? Discovering the fascinating world of leftovers. How to get the kids to eat a curry. What to eat when all you want is a spa day and a sit down. And you know what? It's fine to cheat! The Store cupboard is where its at. What's in yours?....No seriously we want to know. We also love a kitchen gadget. We drool over Kitchenaid mixers and neither of us have gotten over the fact that we will never own one. We scour online reviews to pick up ideas on how to use ingredients.
For the benefit of mankind, oh ok, for our own benefit, we like to taste test products. Be it seasonal items like mince pies or hot cross buns or local sausages verses supermarket varieties we don white coats and hair nets and "scientifically" test each. Price and quality, everything is considered. To be honest it is our duty to tell the world and would be pretty selfish not to share it. Whether the world wants to know or not.
So, come back regularly and try out a new recipe or listen to our rants about why tagines are the food of the devil (Siân) or Nutella is just plain wrong (Anne). Now, off you pop. If you hurry you can make it to Sainsbury's and buy a jam doughnut on your way home.

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