Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Half term pizzas

Making homemade pizzas with the kids has to be one of the simplest ways to get them being creative with food (not to mention subtly persuading them to try different flavours). And apart from the preference of toppings most of the ingredients are store cupboard/fridge essentials. 

There are loads of recipes for pizza bases available, but since being given this recipe from a good friend I've never diverted away from it. It's dead easy to knock up, just a few ingredients. And you don't have to worry too much about kneading or proving for a long time. It's the sort of dough you can prepare, do the washing up, have a quick cuppa and it's ready to go. Also the nice thing is you don't have to keep it in a warm area, in the bowl you mix it in the worktop is fine or even the fridge. This recipe makes enough for 4 larger pizzas (adult size) or 6 small pizzas (kids size). 

500g strong white bread flour
2-3 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
15g (3 tsp) fast action dried yeast
360ml water
50ml olive oil

Combine all the ingredients together in a large bowl, I tend to go straight in with the hands. Tip out onto a floured surface, and knead till smooth, this doesn't take long. Place back into the bowl and cover with cling film. Around 15-30 mins resting time should be fine. Can even be refrigerated and used the next day, a longer resting time makes for a really light dough but it's not essential. Kids don't have much patience when it comes to waiting around for dough to rest! (And you may not have enough time to make it well in advance).

My basic topping ingredients are - 
Passata/pizza topping from a jar (yes a jar!!)
Grated mozzarella 
Dried oregano
Freshly milled black pepper
Fresh torn basil leaves
A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

Once you have the basic ingredients you can divert/alternate, use your imagination..

I like to place toppings on a plate for kids to choose what they like, perhaps to make a face?! 

Some of my favourites are - 
Pineapple (yes pineapple!)

Some that the kids may not appreciate -
Goats cheese
Parma ham or Serrano 

Take a handful of dough and flatten on a floured board, a rolling pin helps to make it really thin, you want it as crisp as possible. Place on a tray (I like to use one with holes, helps to crisp up even more). 

Let the kids loose on the toppings then place in a really hot oven 220 degrees for 10 mins. 

You'll want to be making these again, once you've tried fresh homemade pizzas you'll not want one of those bought overpriced ones again. And just to state, these cost a mere fraction of the price, a perfect low effort nutritious meal. And the kids are involved...ticks every box in my book!!!! 

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