Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Rice pudding - in a soup (or Avgolemono)

Ever seen the blog www.agirlcalledjack.com? You may have seen her on telly championing budget cooking and publicising child poverty. Well I found her fantastic new book in the library and was ever so intrigued by this Greek soup (find it here.) I've never tried it but liked the look of the simplicity of it so made it for lunch. I followed Jack's recipe but found the lemon a bit cloying - I think I put in too much - so in true Siân style I adapted the recipe in my maverick way. The result is a saucy-soupy-lemony-herby-rice puddingly- bowl of yum. If you added some chicken, peas, sweetcorn and or cabbage you have a party in a bowl.

Serves 2
100g basmati rice
700ml chicken stock
1 tsp mixed herbs
Zest of a small lemon and juice of half of it
2 eggs beaten.

Simmer the rice in the stock and herbs for 15 mins.
Add the lemon to the eggs and mix well. Scoop out a serving spoon of the stock and mix with the egg mega fast. Do this two more times then mix into the stock and rice. Add lots of black pepper and salt.
Next time I'll add some fried smoked bacon and onion.


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